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Happy Mother’s Day to me! A top of the line Keurig for 1/2 price!

For Mother’s Day my parents wanted to get me a new Keurig as a present because the one we’ve had and loved for over 5 years started acting up a bit.  Thanks to my shopping savvy, I was able to turn their original gift idea from a more basic Keurig K55 to the top of the line version Keurig K575!  Wanna know how I did it?

They said they’d be willing to buy me a Keurig for about $100.  I saw the K55 was on sale several places for $99.99 (retail is $139.99).  So already that was a great deal.  Then my dad mentioned that he saw a fancier Keurig on sale at Walmart for about $150 and that got the wheels turning in my head… What if I could get a model with more bells and whistles if I did some major price comparisons and used online promo codes?  So I did and my efforts paid off.

The Breakdown:

I found the Keurig K575 on sale for $179.99 at (retail is $199.99).  After applying two promo codes I found on a Kohl’s promotional mailer I had recently received, MOMSDAY10 for $10 off and MOM30 for 30% off, my cost went down to $118.99 before tax.  Then I noticed that I would get back $20 Kohl’s cash, $5 in Yes2You rewards, and $3.57 by activating Ebates.  After taking all that into consideration, my net cost ended up being $90.42 before tax or $99.70 after tax.  We could have also gotten free shipping with a third promo code, but we wanted it ASAP so we chose Ship to Store and picked it up within 2 hours of placing our order.

We love our new Keurig!  My husband says it looks like it’s from the future.  It has way more functions than the basic model and can even brew a whole carafe of coffee.  Totally worth the extra time and effort to shop around a little bit.

What did you get for Mother’s Day?

Disclosure: The link to Ebates in this post is a referral link.

First Time Couponing at Dollar Tree

I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been super busy prepping for our new baby girl who should be arriving tonight or tomorrow!  It’s not that I haven’t been couponing (because I totally have been, quite obsessively actually) but I’ve just been too tired to write about my adventures.  I’m growing a whole person, so I’ll cut myself some slack!

However, last night I ventured into new territory for me and I tried couponing at Dollar Tree so I thought I’d share about it.  I’ll say it was a little disappointing because the deals I had read might be available online were mostly dead ends because the items were out of stock, but I was able to score a few good deals.  (Note:  The tortillas, Rotel, evaporated milk, and Taco sauce were items that my mom had requested so I picked those up even though I didn’t have coupons for them.)

FYI it’s my understanding that you cannot use more than (2) printed manufacturer coupons per person per day and also you can’t use more than (4) like coupons in one transaction.

Here’s what I purchased:
  1. (1) Sunday Issue of AZ Republic – normally $2 but only $1 at Dollar Tree!
  2. (1) Bag of Corn Tortillas – $1
  3. (2) Cans of Rotel Tomatoes with Green Chilies – $2
  4. (1) Can of Carnation Evaporated Milk – $1
  5. (1) Packet of McCormick Taco Skillet Sauce – $1
  6. (1) Roll Bounty Basic Paper Towel – $1 less 25 cent manuf coupon = $0.75
  7. (2) Boxes of Curad Bandages – $2 less $1.50 Mobisave rebate = $0.50 or $0.25 ea
  8. (3) Boxes of Barilla Elbow Macaroni – $3 less $1 manuf coupon & less $0.10 Mobisave rebate = $1.90 or $0.63 ea
  9. (1) Box of Puffs Tissue – $1 less $0.25 manuf coupon = $0.75
  10. (1) Bottle of Palmolive Dish Soap- $1 less $0.25 manuf coupon = $0.75
  11. (1) Can of Mountain Dew KickStart – $1 less $0.75 Mobisave rebate = $0.25
And here is the breakdown of what I saved:
  • Pre-tax total before manufacturer coupons = $15
  • Discounts from coupons = $1.75
  • Discounts from Mobisave rebates = $2.35
  • Net Cost of all 15 items = $10.90 plus tax

Overall I’m glad I went because now I know what it’s like to coupon there.  I probably won’t go there too often but I will for sure go there when I want to pick up a few extra papers on Sundays!

Disclosure: The links to Mobisave in this post are referral links.

How to Save BIG at CVS

I had a CVS store coupon ($10 off $50) that was expiring today so after my hubby came home from work and we ate dinner, I took a quick trip by myself to CVS.  I gotta say couponing with a 2 year old is not always easy, so I really appreciate the times I can slip out to shop without my son.

If you get either a percentage off or dollar off coupon for CVS, chances are you could save a lot of money if you make sure to use it.  Especially if you can stack it with other promotions.  I didn’t want to let mine expire and I hadn’t done my CVS big weekly trip yet so I figured tonight was the night!

Here’s what I purchased:

  • (2) Head and Shoulders
  • (3) Pantene
  • (2) Pampers
  • (1) Coke 2 Liter
  • (1) Colgate mouthwash
  • (1) Colgate toothpaste
  • (3) Nivea body washes

I got all 13 items above for $3.53 before tax!  After tax it was $7.85!

By combining sale prices (which immediately saved me $15.91), $16.50 worth of manufacturer coupons, $21.63 worth of CVS store coupons, $20 worth of CVS extra care bucks I received from last week’s purchase, and mobile rebates worth $1.60, I was able to save a total of $75.64 on today’s purchase.  Retail price before tax was $79.17, so that makes my percentage of savings 96%.  Amazing!

On top of that, I received $10 in CVS extra care bucks to use on my next purchase!  Icing on the cake!

A Couple CVS Tips from Frugal Mel:

  1. For the $10 off $50 coupon, I checked with the cashier and he informed me it was $50 before taking off coupons.  I was hesitant at first, but when we rang everything up my $10 off $50 coupon worked just fine even though my total after taking off all the other coupons was below $50.  I learned something new!
  2. Recently I’ve been trying to make sure that whatever I purchase, I feel like it’s a good deal even before I receive any extra bucks for it.  I know some couponers have a tendency to kind of count their savings via extra bucks twice: once when they are received and once when they are redeemed.  For me, I think of it this way…  the extra care bucks do me no good unless I use them for something.  I have let extra care bucks expire during some of my less organized couponing phases.  (Shameful, I know!)  So more recently I’ve been calculating them into my percentage savings when I use them and not when I receive them.

If you have any tips you want to share about CVS, feel free to comment or message me!


How to Save Big at Bashas’

Yesterday, I made a big shopping trip to Bashas’ because our American Express card had an offer where if we spent at least $50 in one shopping trip at Bashas’ we would get $10 back in Amex rewards.  Also, Bashas’ doubles coupons up to $1, I had a few more Bashas’ store coupons, and I hadn’t been to Bashas’ yet this sale cycle to pick up all the cheap weekly deals.

I picked up 63 items valued at $223.46, for a net spend of $85.20 after tax.  I’ve included a chart below that gives a breakdown of what I bought and what savings I took advantage of via coupons, rebates, and rewards.  A few of the items I picked up out of convenience (like the paper plates, ketchup, cheese, and Orowheat bread) and didn’t save as much as I could have if I had picked them up elsewhere.  But sometimes it doesn’t make sense to run all around town just to save a buck or two.  🙂

Some Important Things to Note About Bashas:

  1. In my opinion, the regular prices at Bashas’ are just way too high.  I wouldn’t shop there except for the handful of good weekly deals and the fact that they double coupons up to $1.
  2. Bashas’ (at least the ones by me in the Phoenix Metro area) doubles coupons up to $1.  So if you have a 25 cent manufacturer coupon (Q in couponer lingo), Bashas’ will double it to 50 cents.  If you have a 55 cent manufacturer Q, they will double it up to $1.  The only exception is when the coupon states “Do Not Double”.
  3. When the store Catalina coupons first scan, they show up on the register as $0 until the cashier finishes and the system can confirm that you in fact bought the items necessary to redeem the store coupon.  Just a heads up because I got confused when the cashier scanned my $6.49 worth of store coupons and at first they all said $0.

If anyone else has information about shopping at Bashas’, feel free to comment with your tips and tricks.

Huge Savings at CVS!

My son came down with a cough and fever two nights ago and yesterday evening, I realized I needed to pick up some more medication to get us through last night.  My son will kick and scream and spit up liquid meds so we use FeverAll suppositories.  (I know.  It doesn’t sound pleasant, but if your infant or toddler is the same way, I highly recommend giving it a try.)

So I decided to make a quick trip to CVS and take advantage of some good deals while I was there.

Here’s what I was able to pick up for cheap:

  • (6) bottles of Pantene shampoo and conditioner at an average of $0.89/each
  • (3) tubes of Crest ProHealth toothpaste at ($0.79)/each – MONEY MAKER!  (Yes, CVS paid me to take these items out of their store.  Unbelievable what you can get for free, isn’t it?)
  • (1) box of FeverAll at $3.21

Product total of $6.18 plus tax of $2.67 = $8.85 Total

I used a combination of manufacturer coupons, CVS store coupons, and YourBucks rewards to score this deal.  Full retail for all these products would have been $51.20 before tax!

The FeverAll alone at retail is $9.29.  By taking a few moments to review the deals for the week and compare them to my coupons, I was able to spend less than I would have just for the medicine and bring much more home with me!

Did you know you could save so much at CVS?  Feel free to comment with your CVS tips if you have any to share.

Fabric softener sheet pack for 19 cents and cheap produce! Bashas’

On my last Bashas’ trip, I received some store coupon Catalinas and I decided to try to use a couple yesterday.  I’m still learning a bit about Bashas’ since I haven’t shopped there much in the past.  I had a $1.50 off of $6 worth of produce store coupon and a $1.50 off ANY laundry purchase coupon.

Here’s what I ended up getting:

  • (2) yellow squash – $1.23
  • (2) bags of organic baby carrots – $3.00
  • (2) green bell peppers – $1.00
  • (1) bunch of green beans – $0.88
  • (1) head of green leaf lettuce – $.88

Total for produce = $6.99 less $1.50 store coupon = $5.49


  • (1) box Purex dryer sheets – $1.69 less $1.50 store coupon = $0.19

When couponing, it’s important to pay attention to what Catalinas you get and take advantage of the good ones.

Better-than-free toothpaste and dish soap at Bashas!

In prior years I didn’t really shop at Bashas’, but last month I decided to make it one of my weekly stops to take advantage of the weekly deals.  To my surprise, when I tried to redeem a 55 cent off manufacturer coupon, the Bashas’ register adjusted my coupon value to $1.  Some grocery stores do this but I thought none of them around me did it anymore.  Needless to say, I was very excited.  So last night, while my husband watched his beloved Phoenix Suns play basketball (and our son play “choo-choos”), I took a 1/2 hour to grab a few items from Bashas’.

Here’s what I purchased:

  • (1) head of romaine lettuce – $0.99
  • (1) pack of blueberries – $0.88
  • (1) red bell pepper – $1
  • (1) yellow bell pepper – $1
  • (1) orange bell pepper – $1
  • (1) bunch of green onions – $0.50
  • (1) cucumber – $0.50
  • (2) pink grapefruits – $1.75
  • (1) mini watermelon – $1.99 (I love when my 2 year old son tries to say “watermelon” and he made me cut this as soon as I got home!)
  • (2) Palmolive dish soaps – $0.99/ea less (2) 50 cent manufacturer coupons adjusted to $1/ea = ($0.02)
  • (2) Colgate toothpastes- $0.99/ea less (2) 50 cent manufacturer coupons adjusted to $1/ea = ($0.02)

Amount paid at Bashas’ was $11.82 and then I redeemed a MobiSave rebate for 10 cents on the toothpaste and 10 cents on the dish soap.

= Total spent $11.62

So I actually made 24 cents on getting the 2 tubes of toothpaste and 2 bottles of dish soap!

Also, the register printed (5) catalinas for $7.50 worth of Bashas’ store coupons which I can stack with sales and manufacturer coupons to save on my next shopping trip.  Score!!!

How I Saved 76% at Fry’s

I have to admit that I am super fortunate to have so many grocery stores in close proximity to my house.  I’ve basically come up with a short route to hit 5 stores in a short amount of time.  After grabbing deals at Sprouts, Bashas, Albertsons, and Safeway, I headed home and stopped in at the Fry’s on the way back to buy a few more items.

Here’s the breakdown from my Fry’s trip last night:

  • (3) DiGiorno frozen pizzas @ $3.99, less B2G1 (-$3.99) manufacturer coupon = $7.98
  • (5) boxes Quaker Life cereal @ $0.99/ea = $4.95
  • (4) 16 oz bags of shredded cheese @ $2.77/ea = $11.08
  • (3) 1/2 gallon jugs of chocolate milk @ $0.99/ea = $2.97
  • (1) pack of bratwurst @ $1.99/ea = $1.99
  • (1) bottle of BodyArmor sports drink @ $0/ea with Free Item Friday store coupon digital download = $0
  • (8) cans of Progresso soup @ $0.88/ea, less $2.50 in manufacturer coupons = $4.54
  • $10 Catalina coupon printed from last Fry’s purchase (compliments of Huggies)
  • $5 Catalina coupon printed from last Fry’s purchase (compliments of Huggies)

Amount paid at the store including tax was $19.11 less $0.10 rebate (on canned soup) from MobiSave and less $1.00 rebate (on Progresso soup) from SavingsStar…

= $18.01 Net Total for (25) items

At non-sale prices, these items would have retailed for $79.95.  By carefully selecting items on sale and using coupons, I saved 76%.

I also completed a survey offer on the bottom of the receipt to enter a contest to win a gift card.  And I noticed I have 65 Suns Rewards so I’m going to look into that.  One last thing… my purchase got me 40 fuel points and once I reach 100 points, I’ll get 10 cents off a gallon at participating stations.

How I Saved 48% at Safeway

Since my husband was happy to care for our son while I was out on New Year’s Day, saving money on groceries for the week, I thought I’d make the most of it!  Also, I was enjoying singing along to Barbara Streisand’s greatest hits.  (Love her!)  After grabbing deals at Sprouts, Bashas, and Albertsons, I drove over one more block and popped in to Safeway to buy a few more items.

Here’s the breakdown from my Safeway trip last night:

  • (1) jar of Kraft mayo @ $1.99/ea with in-ad coupon = $1.99
  • (2) cartons of 12 count eggs @ $1.27/ea with in-ad coupon = $2.54
  • (2) Arizona Republic Sunday papers (for the great coupons this week!) @ $2.00/ea = $4.00
  • (2) loaves of Oroweat Potato Bread (the hubby’s fav) @ $2.99/ea with in-ad coupon, less (2) $0.55 manufacturer coupons = $4.88
  • (1) pack of Farmer John hot dogs @ $0.88/ea with in-ad coupon = $0.88
  • (1) pack of clearance lunch meat (due to expire in 1 week) @ $2.10/ea = $2.10
  • (3) packs of Oscar Mayer P3 portable protein snacks @ $1.49/ea with in-ad coupon, less $1.50 off 3 manufacturer coupon = $2.97

Amount paid at the store including tax was $20.01 less $0.55 rebate (on 1 Oroweat bread) from Checkout 51

= $19.46 Net Total for (17) items

At non-sale prices, these items would have retailed for $37.40.  By carefully selecting items on sale and using coupons, I saved 48%.

I also completed a survey offer on the bottom of the receipt to enter a contest to win a $100 gift card.  And I noticed another offer on the bottom of receipt regarding filling new or transferred prescriptions and getting up to $75.  I guess my next Rx will be filled at Safeway!  One last thing… my purchase got me 21 gas points and once I reach 100 points, I’ll get 10 cents off a gallon at participating stations.

How I Saved 58% at Albertsons

And after my quick trips to Sprouts and Bashas’, I went one more block over and grabbed some good deals at Albertsons.

Here’s the breakdown from my Albertsons trip last night:

  • (3) boxes of Golden Grahams @ $1.67/ea with in-ad coupon, less $1.00 manufacturer coupon = $4.01
  • (1) bag of Gevalia ground coffee @ $3.99/ea with in-ad coupon, less $1.00 manufacturer coupon = $2.99
  • (1) bag of frozen hash browns @ $1.49/ea with in-ad coupon = $1.49
  • (1) bag of frozen potatoes o’brien @ $1.49/ea with in-ad coupon = $1.49
  • (2) boxes of frozen waffles @ $1.49/ea with in-ad coupon = $2.98
  • (2) packs of Jennie O lean ground turkey @ $2.99/ea with in-ad coupon = $5.98
  • (2) pints of strawberries @ $0.99/ea = $1.98

Total = $21.26 after tax for (12) items

At non-sale prices, these items would have retailed for $50.22.  By carefully selecting items on sale and using coupons, I saved 58%.