Happy Mother’s Day to me! A top of the line Keurig for 1/2 price!

For Mother’s Day my parents wanted to get me a new Keurig as a present because the one we’ve had and loved for over 5 years started acting up a bit.  Thanks to my shopping savvy, I was able to turn their original gift idea from a more basic Keurig K55 to the top of the line version Keurig K575!  Wanna know how I did it?

They said they’d be willing to buy me a Keurig for about $100.  I saw the K55 was on sale several places for $99.99 (retail is $139.99).  So already that was a great deal.  Then my dad mentioned that he saw a fancier Keurig on sale at Walmart for about $150 and that got the wheels turning in my head… What if I could get a model with more bells and whistles if I did some major price comparisons and used online promo codes?  So I did and my efforts paid off.

The Breakdown:

I found the Keurig K575 on sale for $179.99 at Kohls.com (retail is $199.99).  After applying two promo codes I found on a Kohl’s promotional mailer I had recently received, MOMSDAY10 for $10 off and MOM30 for 30% off, my cost went down to $118.99 before tax.  Then I noticed that I would get back $20 Kohl’s cash, $5 in Yes2You rewards, and $3.57 by activating Ebates.  After taking all that into consideration, my net cost ended up being $90.42 before tax or $99.70 after tax.  We could have also gotten free shipping with a third promo code, but we wanted it ASAP so we chose Ship to Store and picked it up within 2 hours of placing our order.

We love our new Keurig!  My husband says it looks like it’s from the future.  It has way more functions than the basic model and can even brew a whole carafe of coffee.  Totally worth the extra time and effort to shop around a little bit.

What did you get for Mother’s Day?

Disclosure: The link to Ebates in this post is a referral link.

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