How I Saved 48% at Safeway

Since my husband was happy to care for our son while I was out on New Year’s Day, saving money on groceries for the week, I thought I’d make the most of it!  Also, I was enjoying singing along to Barbara Streisand’s greatest hits.  (Love her!)  After grabbing deals at Sprouts, Bashas, and Albertsons, I drove over one more block and popped in to Safeway to buy a few more items.

Here’s the breakdown from my Safeway trip last night:

  • (1) jar of Kraft mayo @ $1.99/ea with in-ad coupon = $1.99
  • (2) cartons of 12 count eggs @ $1.27/ea with in-ad coupon = $2.54
  • (2) Arizona Republic Sunday papers (for the great coupons this week!) @ $2.00/ea = $4.00
  • (2) loaves of Oroweat Potato Bread (the hubby’s fav) @ $2.99/ea with in-ad coupon, less (2) $0.55 manufacturer coupons = $4.88
  • (1) pack of Farmer John hot dogs @ $0.88/ea with in-ad coupon = $0.88
  • (1) pack of clearance lunch meat (due to expire in 1 week) @ $2.10/ea = $2.10
  • (3) packs of Oscar Mayer P3 portable protein snacks @ $1.49/ea with in-ad coupon, less $1.50 off 3 manufacturer coupon = $2.97

Amount paid at the store including tax was $20.01 less $0.55 rebate (on 1 Oroweat bread) from Checkout 51

= $19.46 Net Total for (17) items

At non-sale prices, these items would have retailed for $37.40.  By carefully selecting items on sale and using coupons, I saved 48%.

I also completed a survey offer on the bottom of the receipt to enter a contest to win a $100 gift card.  And I noticed another offer on the bottom of receipt regarding filling new or transferred prescriptions and getting up to $75.  I guess my next Rx will be filled at Safeway!  One last thing… my purchase got me 21 gas points and once I reach 100 points, I’ll get 10 cents off a gallon at participating stations.

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