How I Saved 76% at Fry’s

I have to admit that I am super fortunate to have so many grocery stores in close proximity to my house.  I’ve basically come up with a short route to hit 5 stores in a short amount of time.  After grabbing deals at Sprouts, Bashas, Albertsons, and Safeway, I headed home and stopped in at the Fry’s on the way back to buy a few more items.

Here’s the breakdown from my Fry’s trip last night:

  • (3) DiGiorno frozen pizzas @ $3.99, less B2G1 (-$3.99) manufacturer coupon = $7.98
  • (5) boxes Quaker Life cereal @ $0.99/ea = $4.95
  • (4) 16 oz bags of shredded cheese @ $2.77/ea = $11.08
  • (3) 1/2 gallon jugs of chocolate milk @ $0.99/ea = $2.97
  • (1) pack of bratwurst @ $1.99/ea = $1.99
  • (1) bottle of BodyArmor sports drink @ $0/ea with Free Item Friday store coupon digital download = $0
  • (8) cans of Progresso soup @ $0.88/ea, less $2.50 in manufacturer coupons = $4.54
  • $10 Catalina coupon printed from last Fry’s purchase (compliments of Huggies)
  • $5 Catalina coupon printed from last Fry’s purchase (compliments of Huggies)

Amount paid at the store including tax was $19.11 less $0.10 rebate (on canned soup) from MobiSave and less $1.00 rebate (on Progresso soup) from SavingsStar…

= $18.01 Net Total for (25) items

At non-sale prices, these items would have retailed for $79.95.  By carefully selecting items on sale and using coupons, I saved 76%.

I also completed a survey offer on the bottom of the receipt to enter a contest to win a gift card.  And I noticed I have 65 Suns Rewards so I’m going to look into that.  One last thing… my purchase got me 40 fuel points and once I reach 100 points, I’ll get 10 cents off a gallon at participating stations.

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