Huge Savings at CVS!

My son came down with a cough and fever two nights ago and yesterday evening, I realized I needed to pick up some more medication to get us through last night.  My son will kick and scream and spit up liquid meds so we use FeverAll suppositories.  (I know.  It doesn’t sound pleasant, but if your infant or toddler is the same way, I highly recommend giving it a try.)

So I decided to make a quick trip to CVS and take advantage of some good deals while I was there.

Here’s what I was able to pick up for cheap:

  • (6) bottles of Pantene shampoo and conditioner at an average of $0.89/each
  • (3) tubes of Crest ProHealth toothpaste at ($0.79)/each – MONEY MAKER!  (Yes, CVS paid me to take these items out of their store.  Unbelievable what you can get for free, isn’t it?)
  • (1) box of FeverAll at $3.21

Product total of $6.18 plus tax of $2.67 = $8.85 Total

I used a combination of manufacturer coupons, CVS store coupons, and YourBucks rewards to score this deal.  Full retail for all these products would have been $51.20 before tax!

The FeverAll alone at retail is $9.29.  By taking a few moments to review the deals for the week and compare them to my coupons, I was able to spend less than I would have just for the medicine and bring much more home with me!

Did you know you could save so much at CVS?  Feel free to comment with your CVS tips if you have any to share.

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