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How to Save Big at Bashas’

Yesterday, I made a big shopping trip to Bashas’ because our American Express card had an offer where if we spent at least $50 in one shopping trip at Bashas’ we would get $10 back in Amex rewards.  Also, Bashas’ doubles coupons up to $1, I had a few more Bashas’ store coupons, and I hadn’t been to Bashas’ yet this sale cycle to pick up all the cheap weekly deals.

I picked up 63 items valued at $223.46, for a net spend of $85.20 after tax.  I’ve included a chart below that gives a breakdown of what I bought and what savings I took advantage of via coupons, rebates, and rewards.  A few of the items I picked up out of convenience (like the paper plates, ketchup, cheese, and Orowheat bread) and didn’t save as much as I could have if I had picked them up elsewhere.  But sometimes it doesn’t make sense to run all around town just to save a buck or two.  🙂

Some Important Things to Note About Bashas:

  1. In my opinion, the regular prices at Bashas’ are just way too high.  I wouldn’t shop there except for the handful of good weekly deals and the fact that they double coupons up to $1.
  2. Bashas’ (at least the ones by me in the Phoenix Metro area) doubles coupons up to $1.  So if you have a 25 cent manufacturer coupon (Q in couponer lingo), Bashas’ will double it to 50 cents.  If you have a 55 cent manufacturer Q, they will double it up to $1.  The only exception is when the coupon states “Do Not Double”.
  3. When the store Catalina coupons first scan, they show up on the register as $0 until the cashier finishes and the system can confirm that you in fact bought the items necessary to redeem the store coupon.  Just a heads up because I got confused when the cashier scanned my $6.49 worth of store coupons and at first they all said $0.

If anyone else has information about shopping at Bashas’, feel free to comment with your tips and tricks.

Fabric softener sheet pack for 19 cents and cheap produce! Bashas’

On my last Bashas’ trip, I received some store coupon Catalinas and I decided to try to use a couple yesterday.  I’m still learning a bit about Bashas’ since I haven’t shopped there much in the past.  I had a $1.50 off of $6 worth of produce store coupon and a $1.50 off ANY laundry purchase coupon.

Here’s what I ended up getting:

  • (2) yellow squash – $1.23
  • (2) bags of organic baby carrots – $3.00
  • (2) green bell peppers – $1.00
  • (1) bunch of green beans – $0.88
  • (1) head of green leaf lettuce – $.88

Total for produce = $6.99 less $1.50 store coupon = $5.49


  • (1) box Purex dryer sheets – $1.69 less $1.50 store coupon = $0.19

When couponing, it’s important to pay attention to what Catalinas you get and take advantage of the good ones.

How I Saved 67% at Bashas

After popping in to Sprouts for produce last night, I went just one block over to Bashas’ to pick up a few deeply discounted items.  Here’s the breakdown from my Bashas’ trip last night:

  • (3) bags of Ruffles @ $1.77/ea = $5.31 (I wouldn’t normally buy these, but it’s my son’s birthday party next weekend and I wanted some chips for snacks.)
  • (3) packs of blueberries @ $0.88/ea = $2.64
  • (1) pack of blackberries @ $0.88/ea = $0.88
  • (2) pears – 0.84 lbs @ $0.87/lb = $0.73
  • (1) pack of Sargento sliced cheese @ $2.47 less $1.00 coupon = $1.47

Total = $11.24 for (10) items

At non-sale prices, these items would have retailed for $33.76.  By carefully selecting items on sale and using a coupon, I saved 67%.